Pulborough Community Partnership

This website is controlled by the Pulborough Community Partnership. It was designed originally to be a website for Pulborough Village but, as you can see, nothing has been done to keep it up to date for some years. The problem is that none of the volunteers in the Partnership understand websites well enough to work on them nor the time to learn as they are involved in too many other matters.

We would really appreciate someone coming forward who is prepared to bring the site up to date and, more importantly, keep it up to date. You will be happy using a computer and already own one though we can arrange training on the details. The work can be done in your own time and from your own house.

If you are that person, please get in touch by emailing either the Chairman, Roger Paterson, on patersonrj1(at)gmail.com or the Secretary, David Hurst, on davidhurstassocs(at)aol.com. We will pay reasonable expenses but the job, like all our work, is unpaid.

Who we are

The Pulborough Community Partnership is a not-for-profit limited company run by local volunteers to achieve a better quality of life for residents. Anyone who lives or works in the Pulborough area can join.

There are no offices and no paid staff. We are all volunteers working from home.

We work closely with, but are separate from, the Pulborough Parish Council. The Council is a statutory body that has things it must do and things it cannot do. The Community Partnership can do anything that fulfils the wishes of the community. This flexibility allows the village to benefit by drawing resources from wherever possible.

The Community Partnership is recognised by Horsham District Council and West Sussex County Council and works with and has good relations with officers of both bodies.

There is a management committee that meets every six weeks or so to monitor and co-ordinate progress on a variety of projects but those projects are usually run by an individual or group. The Partnership holds insurance that covers liability issues for village projects.

What we do

This list of projects is not complete and will change as time goes on:

Harvest Fair

The largest event in the village year is the Harvest Fair which is held at the end of September on the East Glebe Field near the Chequers Hotel. It usually attracts crowds of 2-3000 people.

Duck Race

Pulborough used to be famous for the Duck Race held on the river near Stopham Bridge. This had a very successful resurrection in June 2018 at the Old Swan Bridge.

Neighbourhood Plan

The government introduced Neighbourhood Plans to give local communities a say where development should take place and what type of development should be planned. This is a Parish Council project in which the Partnership is, with other organisations, playing a major role.

The Hub

There is a drop-in meeting most Monday mornings in the Library where those interested can talk and listen to speakers on interesting subjects.

Community Land Trust

Pulborough needs more really affordable housing for Pulborough people to staff the shops, care facilities, medical services, schools, etc. that make the village what it is. Neither the government, local authorities nor developers have shown any inclination to provide such housing so the community will have to do it ourselves. The Partnership has worked with the Parish Council and a Trust is being formed.

Signal Box

The signal box at Pulborough Station is a listed building and not used any more. A group are working out what might be possible uses for the building.

Walks leaflets

There are three leaflets published to guide people on walks around the village. These are available from the library or at the rail station.

Gateway signs

There are four signs on the four roads into the village that are used to advertise village events. These were put up by the Partnership after five years of argument with local authorities.

Walking Trail

The Partnership, together with other groups has been given nearly £200,000 from EU funds to develop a walking trail between the RSPB Pulborough Brooks reserve, across the Wildbrooks, through Lower St, across the East Glebe Field, Church Place, the Cinder Path and ending at the railway station. It is intended to use augmented reality and will feature local history and wildlife. It should be up and running for Summer 2019.

Most Pulborough residents will have ideas about things they would like to see that will improve the quality of life in the village. If you would like to get involved in running a project or helping make it happen then get in touch with either the Chairman, Roger Paterson, on patersonrj1 (at) gmail.com or the Secretary, David Hurst, on davidhurstassocs (at) aol.com.