WildArt Trail

Pulborough Giant

Over the Brooks following the WildArt Trail

Download the WildArt Trail map/leaflet HERE (pdf file 650KB). The original file has been reduced to load quickly. Pick up a paper copy in Pulborough shops and rail station.

A FREE app is available for your Apple or Android smartphone. Search for Pulborough WildArt Trail. This will guide you along the Trail and as you go you can call up The Pulborough Giant at 11 different places.

Children will be excited to meet the Giant who will show them some of his friends that live in the area. He talks in a proper Sussex accent because he’s lived here for ever. You can take your picture with him and immediately send it by email or put it on Facebook. There’s a quiz as well. Get all the questions right and you can collect a pin from the RSPB shop (when open) in the Pulborough Brooks reserve.

The app is large (466MB) so ensure you have Wi-Fi access and allow four or five minutes to download and install. It needs a minimum of iPhone 5s. Make sure your phone is fully charged before walking the Trail.

I've met the Giant

I met the Giant

  • When you arrive at the start, either end, look for the owl symbol. Open the app and, using the camera on your device, scan the owl symbol.

  • The Giant will appear to welcome you and off you go. Follow the map and the ‘You Are Here’ symbol will move as you go.

  • When you reach the first creature on the Map, look for another owl symbol on a post and scan it.

  • Point the device to a clear space and touch the screen where you want the Giant to appear. Move your device back and forwards to place him where you want. Repeat the sequence if you want. Now you can walk round him but make sure it is safe to do so. Take a picture if you want by tapping the camera symbol. You can share or save the photo.

  • When that Giant sequence has finished, you can do the Quiz for that creature. If you get all the answers right for all the creatures (30 questions in all) you can go to the RSPB Pulborough Brooks centre (when open) to claim your small prize.

The friendly Pulborough Giant

The Pulborough Giant

On the app there is a photo guide that tells about some of the wildlife in the area and you can find out much more about the history of the places you are walking through. Or you can use the map symbols and read the details at home before you go.

The Trail is marked along the way by impressive wild life designs by Sussex artist Steve Geliot. There are large designs at the beginning, middle and end, eight illustrations on the top of the finger posts and four large designs on lamp posts in Lower Street.

Start of WildArt Trail at station
Bat Attack WildArt Trail
Start of WildArt Trail at station
Bat Attack WildArt Trail

The Trail takes you through the historic part of Pulborough and past the shops. You walk across 300 acres of the Wildbrooks and alongside the River Arun. You pass through quiet fields and walks where the loudest sounds are the birds.

On one of the viewpoints in Pulborough there’s a panorama to tell you what you can see in the distance – and how close interesting places are.

It all provides an open-air experience for the whole family. And it’s all free.

The WildArt Trail is open all day, every day and you can reach it using Southern Rail, Compass bus 100 or Stagecoach bus 1 (check timetables). There is parking at the RSPB Pulborough Brooks and in Pulborough but some is chargeable. There is a café and shop at the RSPB and various cafes, pubs and eating places in Pulborough.

The Trail uses hard paths and pavements in Pulborough and grass fields and banks across the Wildbrooks and in the RSPB areas. There are kissing gates but no stiles.

Please remember that after heavy rain (and flooding) the Wildbrooks can be muddy, so wear your wellies. In winter the Wildbrooks – which are the floodplain of the River Arun – are completely flooded at times and you can't get across at all.

The intention is to increase the number of visitors to Pulborough to support the local economy, to encourage children to take an interest in local wildlife and to give residents a pride-in-place.

The Trail was developed from a Pulborough Community Partnership idea by various organisations and contractors (see below) and paid for by an EU grant organised through the Rural Payments Agency by Horsham District Council.

Main Contractors for the WildArt Trail:
The App – Spark Emerging Technology www.spark-lab.co.uk
Signage – Fitzpatrick Woolmer www.fwdp.co.uk
Artist – Steve Geliot www.stevegeliot.com
The Trail wouldn’t have happened without invaluable assistance from
Horsham District Council
RSPB Pulborough Brooks