Neighbourhood wardens

The Pulborough Neighbourhood Wardens are employed by Horsham District Council.

Working alongside partner agencies, they improve the quality of life for everyone by undertaking a number of activities from enforcement to community development.

Pulborough Neighbourhood Wardens:
Ross Phillips: 07584 337476
Louisa Hull 07584 337475

What have the Neighbourhood Wardens been doing?

The Wardens are part of the Community Safety Team and work with all sections of the community from elderly and/or vulnerable people through to young people and businesses to find solutions to problems whilst promoting community cohesion and resilience.

# They have enforcement powers

# They carry out high visibility patrols to deter crime and anti-social behaviour

# Horsham District Council is accredited by Sussex Police

# The Wardens can utilise certain police powers aimed at low-level anti-social behaviour

# They can also exercise powers available to them as employees of the District Council in relation to environmental offences and again, anti-social behaviour.

Prevention is better than cure and the team spend time working to prevent issues by dealing with the long-term causes in partnership with other agencies rather than just the symptoms.

For more detailed information on what Wardens do and don’t do, please click here.