The Pulborough Community Partnership needs volunteers. People who want to help develop any of the events or projects on this website and then make them work on the day.

We are not alone in this requirement. Any, probably all, of the organisations listed elsewhere would very much like people to help make things happen.


The Community Partnership needs two types of volunteers, project managers and day helpers.

A Project Manager will be happy to take a project and develop it to fruition. It might be updating the Walks leaflets or developing an idea for an attraction at the Harvest Fair or something else. You would decide what is required, plan the programme, source the information or materials, organise whatever help is required and deliver the project on the day.

There is a huge amount of knowledge and advice available so you aren’t on your own – but it is your project. You would be invited to be a member of the management group meeting every six weeks or so to report on progress and offer advice or expertise to other project managers.

A Day Helper would join a list of people who are happy to come along on the day to help set up and run an event. Put up banners and bunting, guide stall holders to the agreed sites, act as steward for the show ring, keep track of raffle tickets, help pack the whole thing up at the end of the day, a hundred and one different tasks that have to be done to make a successful event.

If you are on the list you would be contacted some weeks before hand to see if you were available on the day and then expected to be there for the agreed times to make your part of the plan happen.

Please contact us from this page