About PCP

The Pulborough Community Partnership is a not-for-profit limited company run by local volunteers to achieve a better quality of life for residents. Anyone who lives or works in the Pulborough area can join.

Pulborough, Lower Street and River Arun
Pulborough, Lower Street and River Arun

There are no offices and no paid staff. We are all volunteers working from home.

We work closely with, but are separate from, the Pulborough Parish Council. The Council is a statutory body that has things it must do and things it cannot do. The Community Partnership can do anything that fulfils the wishes of the community. This flexibility allows the village to benefit by drawing resources from wherever possible.

The Community Partnership is recognised by Horsham District Council and West Sussex County Council and works with and has good relations with officers of both bodies.

So what do we actually do? Click on this link to see a list of activities the Community Partnership has been involved in over 2020/21.

Links to the Minutes of the meetings of the management committee are shown below and open as .pdf files. The committee usually meets every six weeks or so to monitor and co-ordinate progress on a variety of projects but those projects are usually run by an individual or group.

The Partnership holds insurance that covers liability issues for village projects.

Chairman: Roger Paterson
Treasurer: Andrew Cox
Directors: Rob Aylott, Ian Hare, Elizabeth Hunt, David Hurst, Ray Quested